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Everyone’s Heard of eBay – But What About Yahoo Auctions?

Yahoo Auctions is near the top of the list in the world of on line auctions. You can find great deals on antiques, clothing, collectibles, electronics and more. Yahoo is a pretty big name in the online world. They are known for their search engine, their free email servers, and also their internet auction site.

Yahoo Auctions has categories of auctions such as antiques and art, automotive, books and comics, clothing and accessories, collectibles, computers and software, electronics and cameras, home and garden, jewelry and watches, music and television, games and toys and much more. For collectibles eBay is the first thought for most people, but Yahoo offers some good opportunities too. You can find virtually anything you are looking for on Yahoo’s auction site.

Who Uses Internet Auctions?

We have talked a lot about Yahoo but how much do you actually know about online auctions? An on line auction gives a person a place to put items they don’t want anymore such as used books or CDs up for auction so someone else can buy them. On line auctioning has become so popular that even businesses are taking part in them.

Another common thing to see on an on line auction is pawn shops and surplus stores. You may also see an estate sale online now as opposed to the traditional way. The internet allows you to reach out to more people which is why Yahoo auctioning is so popular for both the auction buyers and sellers.

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