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Choosing the Right Wholesale Distributors is Key to Your Success on eBay

Choosing reliable wholesale distributors is important if you want to make money on eBay. Your eBay business won’t be very successful if you can’t trust and rely on your suppliers. Finding good wholesalers is not a difficult task, but it does take some work.

You could simply go to your favorite internet search engine and do a search for something like “product x wholesale” or “wholesaler product x”. These kinds of searches will bring up many results, but most of them are not very useful.

Many of the companies a search like this will bring you are not really wholesalers in the true sense of the word. Many of them will be middlemen who may be selling for less than the full retail, but not as low as you could get it from a true wholesale company. They might even advertise their goods as “below wholesale” but don’t believe it.

What to Look for When Searching for Reliable Wholesalers

When you’re looking for a good wholesale supplier, there are some key things to watch for that will give you a better idea if they are worth doing business with.

First, stay away from any wholesale company that wants to charge you a fee to do business with them. A true wholesaler doesn’t charge you to do business with them. They want to sell you their products, not a membership to their “club”.

Next, a real wholesaler will normally only do business with a company. You could be set up as a proprietorship, simply “doing business as” but they won’t normally deal with a private individual. They will also generally require a tax ID# from you, which can be acquired quite easily through your local government offices or even on the internet itself.

Also be careful of the wholesale guides that are available on the internet. Some of them contain good information, but the majority of them are inaccurate and outdated. For more information about wholesaling and the best wholesale guides, take a look at our dropshippers page.

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