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You Can Get Great Deals on Brand Name Products on uBid

uBid is one of the larger online auctions on the internet. They have been around since 1997, almost as long as eBay. The uBid auction website is a little different than most others, however, as it only sells brand name merchandise.

uBid calls itself the “Brand Name Marketplace” because this is the focus of all their auctions. They have a combination of their own inventory and certified merchants who sell through their website.

Buy Brand Name Merchandise At Auction, Sometimes Even Below Wholesale

Most auctions on uBid start at $1, so you can sometimes get great deals on items you buy from them. They use the same type of auction format as eBay, Yahoo and other auction sites, so you can bid whatever you feel is a fair price.

Much like the marketplace eBay operates, the uBid auction uses proxy bidding. What this means is when you bid on an item up for auction, uBid will automatically increase your bid up to the maximum as other people outbid you. For example, if you’re bidding on an auction that is currently at $5, you can bid $20 if that is the most you’re willing to pay.

That doesn’t mean the current bid on that auction goes right to $20 however. It will increase the bid by the smallest incremental bid possible and then keep increasing your auction bid up to your maximum as other people outbid you. This can save you from having to constantly check back to see if you’ve been outbid in the auction. You can just bid the maximum you want to pay and let the uBid online auction system manage it for you.

uBid also offers uBuyItNow which lets you buy an item at a set price rather than by bidding. This is much like the Buy It Now feature on eBay, or an eBay Store where the prices are generally fixed price rather than auctions.

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