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The Internet Auction eBay is the Biggest Auction Site on the Net – Even Yahoo Can't Compare!

Yahoo might be the number one site on the internet, but the auction eBay is probably what comes to mind when you think of an online auction. Yahoo auctions are popular, but nowhere near as much as eBay. Whether you’re buying or selling in auctions, you want to be where the traffic is.

e Bay is a great place to find bargains if you’re a buyer or to make a little (or a lot!) of extra money if you’re a seller. Their auction site gets a ton of visitors every day, so it’s great for buyers and sellers. If you’re buying, there are probably lots of people selling what you want. If you’re selling, you have a huge number of potential customers. Smaller auctions such as Yahoo have advantages too, but they just can’t compete with the traffic on eBay.

If You’ve Ever Been to a Live Auction, Internet Auctions Like eBay and Yahoo Will Be Familiar

eBay and other auction sites like Yahoo follow a similar process to live auctions. The seller puts an item up for sale and the buyers bid on them. The highest bidder. Instead of an auctioneer, however, the whole process is managed by eBay, or whatever auction site you're using.

When someone is selling an item on eBay, they can give you as much or as little information as they want. The great thing is, if you’re not happy with the information the seller is offering, you can just keep searching for another seller who is more helpful. This is one of the secrets of how to sell on eBay – many sellers don’t give enough information, so if your listings are thorough and complete, with good pictures, you’ve just passed half your competition.

In addition to their auction listings, eBay also has what they call eBay Stores. These stores are still listed on the main website, but the prices are fixed by the seller, instead of being up for bid. If you want to buy something quickly and don’t want to go through the bidding process, you can often find great deals in the stores too. Yahoo doesn’t have the same type of store, but Yahoo does offer a store of its own. Take a look at our eBay Store page for some more information.

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