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Why You’ll Eventually Buy or Sell a Car on ebaymotors.com – eBay’s Online Car Auctions

At first glance, there seem to be a lot of reasons you wouldn’t want to buy or sell a car on ebaymotors.com. Buying a car through online car auctions seems like it would be pretty risky. You don’t know who that person is that’s selling on ebaymotors.com and you don’t know if the pictures and description in the online car auctions are accurate.

The reality is much different. ebaymotors.com has safeguards in place that ensure you will be protected when buying from someone. Online car auctions are quickly becoming one of the biggest parts of eBay’s business. Cars are not the only vehicles you’ll find, either. On eBay boats, motorcycles, and even aircraft are available.

You’re Safe When Buying on ebaymotors.com from Online Car Auctions

ebaymotors.com offers many of the same kinds of services that you would find at your local car dealer. You can get financing, purchase protection, service agreements and more. Many dealers are even starting to sell through online car auctions.

ebaymotors.com was originally launched in the year 2000. Since then, it has become the largest marketplace for used cars in North America. More cars are sold through online car auctions before lunch each day than many dealers sell in an entire year.

One of the great things about ebaymotors.com – for both buyers and sellers – is the reach of a listing. You could be looking at a car that is across the country or someone could buy your car from a different state. The choices for both buyers and sellers are much greater than if you were dealing locally. This can be especially helpful if you’re dealing with a rare or collectible car. You’ll have a much wider reaching marketplace. There are even international versions of the eBay auto auction on sites such as eBay Canada.

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Insurance is usually a good idea but in general, it should be an optional feature, with the decision left to the buyer. Remember two important things about insurance. First, insurance is VERY inexpensive. Therefore, in your description, you should state how much insurance would cost and recommend it. Second, you should also state in the description that if insurance is not purchased, you are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

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