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The “Fastforward Fastback” Is One of A Number of Fundraisers on the eBaymotor Site

The ebaymotor site, the auto auction website run by eBay, regularly runs charity auctions to raise money for various organizations. These e Bay Motor charity auctions take various forms, but they are very successful in their fundraising efforts.

One of the most recent charity auctions run by ebay motors.com is the Fastforward Fastback. This auction was for a 1967 Ford Mustang fastback that was modified by legendary builder Troy Trepanier and his shop Rad Rides by Troy.

They started with a 1967 Mustang Fastback that they bought right on e-Bay Motors. They were bidding for the car just like anyone else, and were the winning bid of 24 bidders. The car was in good shape before they modified it, but they made some serious changes to it.

e Bay Motors is Also a Great Place to Find Parts and Accessories

When Rad Rides started to modify the Mustang, they took a lot of stock parts off the car that were being replaced with aftermarket pieces. Many of these parts were sold via e-Bay Motors.com. The eBaymotors site is not just for buying cars and vehicles, but many other related parts.

The Fastforward Fastback was sold on e-Bay Motors to raise funds for the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and Charity Cars, Inc. The winning bid for the car was $150,501, so it was quite a successful fundraiser.

There are other charity auctions coming up on the eBay auto auction, such as the Editors’ Charity Challenge. In this challenge, eight magazine teams have been given the challenge to build a competition car, starting with a car bought on the e-Bay Motors site. These cars will be auctioned off - on eBay naturally - sometime in 2005, again with the proceeds going to Charity Cars, Inc.

People have mixed feelings about eBay’s car auctions online, but in spite of the “ebay sucks” attitude of some websites and articles, eBay does a lot of good with these kinds of charity events.

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