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Manage Your Auctions With eBay Tools

There are many people who make all or most of their living strictly from eBay. As this has become more popular, eBay has customized their site, providing many helpful eBay tools to help people who have many auctions to manage.

Using the auction software available on eBay is very simple and can make your life a lot easier. For example, their “Turbo Lister” makes listing multiple items very quick and easy. You don’t have to create new pages every time you have another of the same item to sell. In many cases, you can even save free auction templates of your pages, allowing you to simply bring an old or expired page back into use rather than creating one from scratch.

Leave Your Accounting Worries Behind!

Using eBay’s simple management program, you can receive a one-page summary, detailing exactly what you’ve made, what you’ve sold and the like. You can easily view any current or past auctions, along with information about eBay problems or what bidders have paid and which ones have not. EBay’s simple to use programs make accounting your online auction business records a snap!

One of the hardest things about setting up an eBay business using online auctions is keeping track of your customers. If you’re selling 20 to 30 items a day, or using drop shippers to deliver inventory directly to your customers, keeping track of what goes where can be a nightmare. One of the neatest tools that eBay.com provides is called the selling manager. This will allow you to print shipping labels right off of your computer, without having to physically write anything down. This can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to manage many auctions at once.

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