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How Can the eBay Toolbar Help You?

The eBay toolbar can be a handy resource for people that have an interest in auctions and associated things. This Toolbar is a free tool that gives you easy, quick access to eBay from the desktop, keeps track of the items you have bid on and those you are watching and alerts you before those auctions end so you can place a bid if you'd like. It could mean the difference between forgetting to bid and winning the auction.  Whether you want to do a simple title search or a more extensive title and description search within a particular category, this toolbar gives you quick access to the marketplace eBay offers.

Avoid Getting Scammed with the eBay Tool bar

One of the most useful features of the e-Bay Toolbar is Account Guard. It will alert you when you’re on a potentially fraudulent website. There are many email spoofs and eBay scams that try to trick you into revealing your username and password. This tool can help you avoid getting fooled.

Some of the other eBay tools on the toolbar include:

  • Search
  • Alerts – reminders for ending auctions or watched items
  • Buying status
  • Selling status
  • eBay favorites – run favorite searches or view favorite sellers and eBay Store

The toolbar is just one of many auction software tools available for e Bay. Now eBay Content comes to you on some of your favorite sites and applications through agreements third-party companies have with eBay. There are numerous other auction tools available in the marketplace, to allow users to promote their businesses, and multiply their profits. On the e-Bay website you can find multiple links to make your business the best it can be, including training, online assistance and other resources for sellers and developers.

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