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Why Should You Tell Other Users on eBay About Me?

And more importantly, how do you tell other users on eBay About Me? If you've been on eBay for very long, you've probably come across users who have a colorful little "Me" beside their name. If you click on that little icon, you'll see that user's "About Me" page. In most cases you've probably learned a little something about that person, but that's about it.

The eBay About Me page is one of the most overlooked opportunities to help you make money on eBay. This page can do more for your success than all the listings you can post.

If you've looked at many About Me pages, you'll probably have mostly seen something like the following:

Hi! Welcome to my About Me page... I've been using eBay for just over a year now and have met lots of great people. I've got 2.5 children and 1.6 dogs ...blah blah blah.

While this is great to know, how does it really help to build their business? The eBay About Me page is the only place you can link to your website from eBay without breaking eBay's rules. If you've got a website for your business or e-commerce store, why not direct people there? All the traffic coming to your auction listings could be funneling through to your website from your About Me page.

Use Your eBay About Me Page to Save Yourself Time

If you find you get a lot of similar questions from bidders, why not set up a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list on your eBay About Me page then direct people there from your listings? This alone could save you a bunch of time answering questions from buyers through email. If you put a link in your auction listings referring people to your About Me page for your terms and other info, you can update them in one place instead of many listings whenever you want to add or change something.

You can also use your eBay About Me page to give details such as your payment & shipping terms, return policies, etc.

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