drop ship source directory review

is the drop ship source directory as good as it sounds?

Worldwide Brands Drop Ship Source Directory Review

If you’ve spent any time in internet forums that deal with eBay and online selling, you’ve probably seen lots of questions and comments about drop shipping. Drop shipping is often made out to be the “secret” to making tons of money on eBay without having to do any real work.

If you’re not familiar with drop shipping,
the quick explanation is it means the
wholesale supplier ships the product for
you, direct to your customer. You sell the
item, on eBay for example, you get paid
and only then do you have to pay your
distributor. They package and ship it for
you, directly to the customer. For a more
detailed explanation of the process, take a
look at our dropshippers page.

The most common question about drop shippers is how to find them. There are many so-called wholesalers and drop shippers on the internet, but many of them don’t offer any better deals than you could get yourself through a site like Amazon.com.

Is There a Shortcut to Finding Good Drop Shippers?

The Drop Ship Source Directory from Worldwide Brands is one of the best-known drop shipping guides on the internet. It was originally developed because the founder – Chris Malta – was having so much trouble finding genuine wholesalers that would sell to small businesses. He figured if he was having that much trouble, there must be a lot of other people in the same boat.

Over the years since it was started, the Drop Ship Source Directory has built a database of suppliers for over 2,000,000 products. The products in the directory cover a wide range of items – jewelry, farm buildings, CDs, and quilts are just a few of the diverse products you can find.

The drop shippers that are listed in the directory have to meet all the requirements of Worldwide Brands before they are added to the list. One of the most important factors in Worldwide Brands research is whether these companies will deal with the small quantities that are usually necessary for small businesses.

If you’re running a home-based eBay business, it’s quite possible you’ll be ordering one or two of an item at a time. All the drop shippers listed in the Drop Ship Source Directory will deal with you on these kinds of quantities.

Is the Drop Ship Source Directory Really as Good as it Sounds?

If you read all the information on Worldwide Brands’ website, you’ll probably be ready to sign up and become an eBay Power Seller in no time. Their sales copy on the website is very good, but is the directory everything they say?

I have used the Drop Ship Source Directory to find products to sell on eBay and another online store. It does offer everything they say it does – it’s got tons of suppliers, for almost any kind of product you can imagine. It gives you full contact information and links to the website for each of the drop shippers.

Interestingly enough, I have found a few drop shippers who don’t have websites listed in the directory. Considering it is an internet-based service I was a little surprised by this, but I have never tried contacting any of them by phone so I can’t say how much more difficult this would make the process.

The level of service from the suppliers does vary, however. The majority of the drop shippers I’ve contacted have responded in a reasonable time – usually within 24 hours – but there are some that have taken upwards of a week to get back to me. I have even had a couple that never responded to my emails. Whether they were filtered out by spam controls or they just never bothered to respond, I’ll probably never know.

One of the things to consider when looking at the Drop Ship Source Directory is that there is no guarantee that a product is available from one of the suppliers in it. If you have a specific item that you are looking for, you won’t necessarily find a drop shipper for it.

The Drop Ship Source Directory offers a guest login so you can search for items before paying for the directory. It won’t give you any supplier information, but you can at least find out if what you’re looking for is listed.

Are There Any Negatives About the Drop Ship Source Directory?

You’re probably wondering if there’s a catch, or if there are any cons to the directory. There are a few things that I will point out here.

First, the directory does not list any pricing. They are simply providing the contact information for the suppliers – it’s up to you to get in touch with them and get their price lists. The drop shippers listed in the directory are all genuine wholesalers. What this means is that you will need to have a business of some form set up – whether a proprietorship or corporation – and have a tax ID# in most States before the suppliers will give you access to this information. It’s not as simple as checking the price list on their website.

There is also no guarantee that the wholesale pricing will be low enough to make a profit. This depends a lot on the type of products you want to sell, but for things like computers and electronics the profit margins are so low that it is pretty tough to make any money selling them.

The Drop Ship Source Directory itself is quite easy to use. You can search by product type, name brand or supplier name. One thing I didn’t like about the way the directory works turned out to be related to using Internet Explorer. When I did a search for a product type or brand name and then clicked on a supplier link, I would get an error when I went back to the search results page. I would have to start the search over again to see the results. When I tried this in the Firefox browser, it worked fine, so it seems to be something to do with Internet Explorer.

One other minor annoyance I found was the right-click has been disabled in the directory listings. I’m sure this has something to do with protecting the information from being copied but I would like to be able to right-click and open each supplier in a new window so I could flip back and forth easily. This wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but it was slightly annoying.


Overall, I think the Drop Ship Source Directory is the real deal. The founder – Chris Malta – is the host of Entrepreneur Radio and the Product Sourcing editor for eBay Radio, and Worldwide Brands is the only drop ship directory publisher to be an eBay Certified Service Provider. These are pretty strong credentials and along with the quality and breadth of the directory, I believe it is a valuable tool for anyone selling on the internet.


  • Large number of products represented
  • Qualified drop ship suppliers who deal with small businesses
  • Easily searchable database
  • Many valuable free resources on the website
  • Full-time research staff constantly updating directory
  • One-time fee – no renewal charges


  • No pricing listed in directory
  • Must be a business entity to deal with suppliers
  • Some small annoyances in the interface

Click here to find out more about using the Drop Ship Source Directory for selling on eBay or other online stores.

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