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Are there times when you can't check eBay auctions to follow the progress of items you are selling by auction? Are you tired of constantly going to eBay to check for new auctions by your favorite auction sellers? If so, then it's probably time you started using an Auction Manager.

There are several auction management software applications available that will help you. The first of these eBay tools is Auction Informant, the second is DeepAnalysis, and finally there is BayMail Pro. We will briefly look at these auction software packages today.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Auction Informant will track all of the eBay auctions you're interested in and send you an email whenever new auctions are posted or new bids are placed on auctions. You can track your own auctions or the auctions of any other seller. You can also monitor many sellers at once. In addition, when your auctions receive a bid retraction, Auction Informant will send an email message to let you know. You can have messages sent to multiple email accounts, or even a your cell phone or pager.

Another auction software application that will help you sell smarter is DeepAnalysis, an eBay market research software application. With DeepAnalysis you can extract and analyze licensed eBay data and statistics for any eBay market sector. Then, use DeepAnalysis to reveal market trends and develop eBay strategies that will help you make money on eBay.

Finally, BayMail Pro is a powerful email solution for every eBay seller. With BayMail Pro you can send email directly to anyone's eBay user ID, without knowing their actual email address. You will also be able to send emails to large group sets, save an address book of eBay user IDs, save message templates, save mailing lists, automatically retrieve lists of user IDs directly from eBay, and it's available in either English or German.

So if you are serious about eBay, then use some serious applications to help you work smarter, not harder.

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Just like any other business, you need to know what your competitors are doing. This will help you make the best possible decision when it comes to your own auction. Before listing your item(s), do a search for the same type item(s) to see what their descriptions looks like. Find different aspects from different sellers and use them to form one comprehensive site for yourself.

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